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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

IzzieBuzyBits - Handmade Clothing for Children

Amy Addison the owner of  IzzieBuzyBits is so passionate about providing children's clothes and accessories that stand out from the crowd she has created her own line. Amy says, 'Every item is handmade with love and care with comfort and functionality to the fore. I have a great standard range but if customers want custom made items then I do my very best to meet their needs. Every piece is unique.' 

Custom Made Items

Custom made leggings


Amy started her business after up-cycling some of her own clothes for her little girl who loves being the model for new items. Friends started to ask Amy where she'd bought the lovely things her daughter was wearing and Amy explained how she made them herself. That started the ball rolling,
people asked her to make things for their children. Of course, Amy was happy to oblige.

  Sweatshirt, Hoodie and Dungarees


Amy sources new material, fabrics change constantly, from all over the UK. She has an Etsy Shop as well as a Facebook page where you can find out about all the new materials on order, and see lots of pre-made items and a price list.


Amy can often be found at charity events displaying her distinctive handmade creations on her stall. Dates and venues can be found of the Facebook page.

Amy told me people are asking if she makes clothes for adults. 'That will be the next step,' she said.

Available to Pre-Order



Remember to check out IzzieBuzyBits on Facebook and at their Etsy Shop 
If you have any special requests be sure to contact Amy who will be happy to help. 
You can email Amy at

Available to UK customers only, at the moment.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

One Day, One Night: Portraits of the South Pole by Dr. John Bird and Jennifer McCallum - Book Review

Experience Life At The Coldest And Most Isolated Place On Earth
New York, NY, November 11, 2017  Imagine, for a moment, spending one year at the bottom of the world, in 100-below-zero temperatures. One couple chose to not only imagine it, but to also live it, and they've written a riveting account of their unforgettable experiences.
In One Day, One Night: Portraits of the South Pole, scientist John Bird along with writer and composer Jennifer McCallum take readers along on a journey like no other, as they fly to the middle of Antarctica and live under the dome for a year with 50 other researchers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.The book's title is a nod to the six-month-long "day” of 24-hour sunlight and the six-month-long "night” of perpetual darkness. The nonfiction narrative provides a candid, first-hand account of the challenges the couple faced as they tried to adapt — both physically and emotionally — to a year of isolation in the unforgiving environment.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Vestibular Disorder - Earthquake 18th February 2018

I have written a couple of blogs regarding Vestibular Disorders 2016 and MdDS (Mal de Debarquement Syndrome) 2015 because I suffer from these debilitating disorders.

Yesterday, 17 February 2018, there was an earthquake 4.2 magnitude in Swansea, Wales, UK. Then there were aftershocks.

I have to say last week, prior to the earthquake, my symptoms hiked terribly and I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. Last night they seemed to settle down.

Now, I have to ask the imminent earthquake vibrations cause balance/vestibular disorders symptoms to worsen?

Vibration is a cause of symptoms worsening whether it be traffic passing you while standing on the pavement or while holding a hairdryer. Surely there must be some vibration when an earthquake is imminent? After all, when a Volcano is about to erupt we get a warning.

I researched and found an article (my friend Polly Moyer and I had discussed previously) written by John M. Flionna, in the Los Angles Times  about an Ear Nose and Throat specialist at Tokyo Medical Centre who suffered MdDS symptoms following the 2011 earthquake in Japan. This specialist says he is now sensitive to even small vibrations and is now both physician and patient.

And then we have Solar Flares added to the mix. There was a Solar Flare (small one) which can affect radio signals, giving us weaker power grid fluctuations, on the 16th February 2018. Apparently a Solar Flare can also cause worsening symptoms for people with vestibular disorders, and Mental Health disorders, according to scientists.

Another interesting article I found was about Lizzy Arnold (Olympic Gold Medal Winner Skeleton 2014 and 2018) who has suffered from a vestibular disorder for several years and was only diagnosed in 2017. I feel her pain. I too suffered for years before being diagnosed. Wish I could see the same experts who helped her. She is a credit to all people who suffer from this condition. Huge congratulations to her.
I might take up Skeleton 🛷 racing to see if it helps my disorder.

                                  My ebook:  
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